In 2014 Salec became part of BARQ Group, through a much larger and regionally spread organization, we are proud to offer you the same high level of products and services with an even more comprehensive offering and a more capable team of professionals to back it up.
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Metrodata is a world leading provider of Wide Area Network Interface products and solutions for the Telecommunications market. Metrodata’s products overcome compatibility issues in voice and data networks enabling customers to connect existing infrastructure to new networks and systems.

Founded in 1989 and based in London, Metrodata is a UK designer and manufacturer of datacoms hardware for Fixed line, Enterprise, Carrier and Satellite networks. Specialising in interoperability and interconnectivity, Metrodata offers a range of Standard, Niche and System Integration products. These include Media converters, Interface converters, Fibre converters, Ethernet extenders and ATM products.

Other specialist products resolve high data rate problems and exacting clocking requirements e.g. as found in backhaul applications and satellite networks. Metrodata also provides COTS products to the commercial, government and defence sectors, as well as developing turnkey products to specific customer requirements