In 2014 Salec became part of BARQ Group, through a much larger and regionally spread organization, we are proud to offer you the same high level of products and services with an even more comprehensive offering and a more capable team of professionals to back it up.
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Tandberg Television

Television in the home is undergoing dramatic change, as broadcasters and operators deploy digital platforms that turn the passive TV experience of old into an interactive, on-demand media arena. As more digital TV operations deploy, broadcasters are refining their business models and learning from the experience of other regions and operators. There is a growing understanding of the strengths of the different platforms - Terrestrial, Satellite, Cable, Telco - and operators are adapting their services and plans to play to these strengths more successfully. New, advanced services are being rolled out to increase return on investment and attract and retain subscribers.

A pioneer in video compression and systems for the delivery of TV and on-demand content, TANDBERG Television has emerged as the supplier of choice in the digital video market. Our solutions enable the digital broadcasting of audio, data and video across various networks including cable, satellite, terrestrial, IP and telecom and we are proud to be widely recognised as an innovator in digital broadcasting. From the first encoding products through to today’s class leading systems we have continued to push the boundaries forward. Whether it is products, systems, services or the control and monitoring of broadcast networks, we consistently meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Listed on the Oslo stock exchange (TAT), TANDBERG Television has sales and 24-hour support and monitoring operations in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. In addition, a network of over 80 Business Partners serves customers in over 40 countries. Our clients include major broadcasters, network operators, telcos and convergence players around the world. These customers are increasingly looking for excellence within the increasingly complex supply chain of the new television industry. Quality products, valuable alliances and expert solutions ensure that TANDBERG Television is and will remain uniquely placed to meet their needs.,

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