In 2014 Salec became part of BARQ Group, through a much larger and regionally spread organization, we are proud to offer you the same high level of products and services with an even more comprehensive offering and a more capable team of professionals to back it up.
Barq Group



The Service Provider Challenge

Perhaps for the first time, service providers are facing real competition to their primary businesses. Competitors are encroaching with integrated voice, data and video services that are price competitive. While the addition of video services will help complete their existing service offerings, carriers must also defend their voice and data businesses while simultaneously retooling to rapidly evolving packet-based services. Service Providers need a manageable, scalable, more cost-effective delivery platform that extends their existing networks and allows them to defend their subscriber base and sustain long-term growth.

The Zhone Solution

Zhone's Single Line Multi-Service architecture (SLMS™), allows carriers to concurrently deliver voice, new premium data and video services over copper or fiber access lines. Zhone provides carriers with an elegant migration from legacy circuit-based technology to packet based networks while substantially reducing operating costs. With deployments at over 300 service providers and network operators including among some of the world's largest networks, Zhone has enabled service providers to reinvent their businesses.  

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