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Partners in Success: Salec & F5 Networks


Cairo: Mar 8th – During its recent conference, Salec Egypt, the only silver partner for F5 Networks in Egypt, discussed the latest challenges facing the IT sector; namely data centers, and explored the latest network protection solutions against piracy attacks and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) as well as network disruptions at major Services Providers and Enterprises.


A large number of IT & Telecom experts from the telecom, banking, energy and ICT sectors, as well as the government and private business sectors attended the conference. The executives from of Salec Egypt and F5 Networks highlighted the cooperation between the two companies and ways to provide network protection against dangerous attacks in shadow of what recently happened to Wikileaks, Sony,…etc. The Conference also showed unified access control solutions that monitor network access points and data centers, as well as Internet Data Center Firewalls and DNS Servers Security.


Mahmoud Soliman, the President & CEO of Salec Egypt said that, “Companies in the Middle East are currently facing a great deal of risk from hackers that aim to steal clients’ personal information from major corporations and from those working in the business sector, which negatively affects their reputation and productivity.”


He added, “We aim through this conference to shed light on the latest network protection trends for data centers and the network infrastructure of those major corporations which face new challenges in protecting their sensitive data. We try to respond to the constantly changing technology that comes as a threat on a daily basis, these threats forces major corporations to adopt and embrace new security solutions in order to remain competitive and enhance the quality of their businesses”.


Salec Egypt is among the largest companies specializing in providing turnkey networking solutions. The company provides innovative technological solutions to design, build and manage data networks & telecommunication infrastructure projects. The company has executed infrastructure projects for various sectors, including telecom, education, health, hospitality, energy, trade and business sectors. Salec Egypt is also considered to be among the pioneers of high-end networking, consultancy, delivery, and operations.

The Silver partnership with F5 Networks, the highest level of business partnership currently in Egypt is ideal, as the company specializes in providing network infrastructure and management solutions that allow major corporations to scale, adapt, and align with changing business demands and drive business forward on a solid foundation of IT agility.

About Salec Egypt:


Salec Egypt was established in 1999 as a full scale IT Systems Integrator and a Data Communications & Telecommunications Company specialized in providing innovative technology solutions to design, build and manage data network & telecommunication infrastructure projects.


Salec is an information technology solutions provider with focus on high-end networking systems. The company's services range from consulting to software and hardware deployment, operations and management. Salec's competitive advantage derives from its uncompromising pursuit of world-class products and services, a total commitment to offering its clients value added services and its global partnerships with worldwide sector leaders.


Salec has implemented extensive infrastructure projects in Egypt, Levant, GCC, North Africa and Saudi Arabia, as well as a number of other countries in the region in various sectors namely Telecom, ICT, education, health, banking, financial, hospitality, energy and business and trade sectors.