In 2014 Salec became part of BARQ Group, through a much larger and regionally spread organization, we are proud to offer you the same high level of products and services with an even more comprehensive offering and a more capable team of professionals to back it up.
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Network Management

Junos Space is a comprehensive platform for building and deploying applications for collaboration, productivity, and network infrastructure and operations management.

A sample of Junos Space Applications:

  • Network Activate: Network Activate scales services and speeds time-to-revenue. Quick, easy, and accurate creation of VPLS services allows for secure communication between service providers and their customers, or between geographically dispersed enterprise sites.
  • Route Insight: Route Insight, which ships as a physical appliance, peers with routers and transparently records and replays network events in real time. It enables rapid and accurate planning, troubleshooting, and change simulation for complex IP networks.
  • Service Now: Service now eliminates the "20 questions routine" by automating diagnostics to speed problem resolution. This significantly reduces mean-time-to-repair by automating support and network device diagnostics for failure monitoring and case automation.
  • Ethernet Design: Ethernet Design automates the configuration, monitoring, and administration of network infrastructure so enterprises can make their campus and data center networks highly responsive to the needs of applications and users.
  • Virtual Control: Virtual Control lets users monitor, manage, and control networks running within virtualized servers in the data center. It's part of a consolidated solution that provides end-to-end visibility into, and control over, both virtual and physical networks from a single management screen. Virtual Control will be available in the second half of 2010.

And many more

Network and Security Manager :
Network and Security Manager (NSM) improves IT management, lowers costs, and maximizes network security. This network performance and security management software provides unified and centralized device management for a network of routing, switching, and security devices. This network performance and security management software also delivers end-to-end device lifecycle management, granular policy configuration, and comprehensive tools for monitoring, investigating, and reporting. Enterprise clients use its high scalability to maintain secure connections between branch offices and data centers, and service providers make use of this network performance and security management software for carrier-class deployments.