In 2014 Salec became part of BARQ Group, through a much larger and regionally spread organization, we are proud to offer you the same high level of products and services with an even more comprehensive offering and a more capable team of professionals to back it up.
Barq Group


Network Security

Salec provides professional engineering of integrated network design which enables the highest performance for data, voice, & video applications. Our concept to completion approach includes detailed survey and analysis, design and engineering, bidding and procurement.

The main focus of Salec Network Design and Engineering (NDE) practice is to identify and solve design problems related to performance issues such as efficiency, reliability, sensitivity, availability, flexibility and scalability.

We help our customers improve the performance of their network systems (networks and applications / services) using performance monitoring tools and predictive performance simulation techniques.


We offer integrated security devices which are purpose-built to perform essential networking security functions and optimized for maximum performance and feature integration.

Standalone IPSs

We offer best of breed standalone Intrusion Detection and Prevention Appliances which offer comprehensive coverage by leveraging multiple detection mechanisms, such Stateful Signatures.

Network Admission Control

We offer Unified Access Control solution that dynamically controls network and application access based on identity, device security state, and location information.

Secure Remote Access Solutions

The SA4500 SSL VPN Appliance enables mid-to-large size organizations to provide cost-effective extranet access to remote employees and partners using only a Web browser.

Secure Event Management and Correlation

Juniper Networks STRM Series Security Threat Response Managers deliver multivendor, centralized network command and correlation of security events from all devices,